After more than thirty years in Florida, we're your independent Florida video service professional.


Since opening our doors officially in June, 1993, I found that many independent video-related companies need more technical support now than ever. Manufacturers now offer less support due to a tighter economy.While your own in-house support is preferable, full-time qualified technical staffs are expensive.Your technical staff, where it exists, may need coverage due to vacations, sickness and the like. Downtime of your systems can be much more costly than planning ahead. Everyone asked us, “Do you provide any alternatives"? Yes, We Can! After researching these needs, Techworks Pro now has several locally provided service plans tailored to your specific concerns, including our own preventive maintenance plan, TECHSERV© to address those needs. Many companies like yours, now take advantage of the service plans we offer. I hope you will consider doing it also.I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally, and discuss any immediate needs. A meeting can be arranged at your convenience by contacting us. I can provide a list of satisfied clients in case you’re not familiar with our reputation for quality work. Prompt, quality service, at reasonable cost– our goals at Techworks Pro!