Techworks Pro specializes in repairs to:

  • Studio and field Betacam© VTR.
  • D-2 VTR.
  • 1” type C VTR.
  • Studio and Field Cameras from Sony, Ikegami and BTS.
  • Switching, Titling and Effects Systems.
  • Lenses.
  • High Resolution Monitors.
  • TBC’s.
  • Color Playback Adapter.
  • Microwave and Fiber Transmission Equipment.
  • Satellite Systems.

Preventive Maintenance is an important part of your overall system. Whatever it takes to make your system function in the best way possible for you- that's what we'll do. We have lots of tricks up our combined sleeves here at TECHWORKS PRO with our staff's thirty plus years of experience in radio, television and video production.We go to your facility on a regular basis, prepare a comprehensive report of our findings and develop a problem list that you want addressed with your input as to when, then at each scheduled PM call we'll tackle that list of "little things" that bug you before they become big ones.Whether you have an NTSC analog system, or an HDTV high definition digital video system, or anything in between, we can make it perform better than it does now, straighten up that mess of cables you hate looking at, or fix that "little thing" that you noticed a while back- that will probably get worse unless it gets fixed.

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