TECHWORKS PRO builds facilities “from the ground up”. We handle all engineering requirements. Extensive contacts with manufacturers and local vendors allows TECHWORKS PRO access to all the latest equipment for purchase, or upgrades. They stock parts needed for service and installation. TECHWORKS PRO is committed to the local flavor of fast, friendly service. Seiden says, “Local clients demand a level of support at or near the level of traditional broadcast facilities yet at a cost they can afford.” Installation"We Rack Your World". What does it mean to you? Clients comment about it quite often and find there's actually something to it. Obviously that's our motto- but more importantly, it's tied in to our years of experience in the business of video equipment- we say that equipment that's properly installed in a stable environment, with good engineering practice just works better, is more repairable, and lasts longer.That the wiring also's aesthetically pleasing may seem a bonus- moreover it contributes to the overall "look" and functionality of the system. Take a look!
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